Higher Learning Commission

Section Two: Policies Required by Federal Regulation

Chapter A: Federal Compliance

Part 10: General

Federal Compliance Requirements - Number: FDCR.A.10.010

Assignment of Credits, Program Length, and Tuition - Number: FDCR.A.10.020

Institutional Records of Student Complaints - Number: FDCR.A.10.030

Publication of Transfer Policies - Number: FDCR.A.10.040

Practices for Verification of Student Identity - Number: FDCR.A.10.050

Title IV Program Responsibilities - Number: FDCR.A.10.060

Public Information - Number: FDCR.A.10.070

Review of Student Outcome Data - FDCR.A.10.080

Standing With State and Other Accrediting Agencies - Number: FDCR.A.10.090

Part 20: Fraud and Abuse

Fraud and Abuse - Number: FDCR.A.20.010

Chapter B: Teach Out

Part 10: General

Commission Approval of Institutional Teach-Out Arrangements - Number: FDCR.B.10.010



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